Notable changes have been occurring in both fashion and tech industries over the years. You might also have noted that the two fields are significantly dependent on each other. As Chris Burch puts it, fashion becomes technologically trendy, and technology becomes fashionable. If you have an interest in prospecting whatever lies ahead, just capture the fascinating past, and on comparing it with the present, you will get a glimpse of what the future holds.


Synthesis of the two fields has given the fashion designers limitless opportunities to exploit their capabilities. A Dutch artist who blends fashion and tech confesses that it brings her a high standard in innovation and functionality. Anouk Wipprecht also goes on to say how much she has reaped endless possibilities out of marrying the two fields.


Mindblowing Facts About Chris Burch


Mr. Chris is a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur. The Miami-based investor was born on March 28, 1953, and has a special attachment towards fashion and business. According to Chris Burch, there is a lot to exploit, and you must endeavor in creating unique brands regardless of the market size. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital where he deals with a broad spectrum of things.


Following his excellent knowledge and experience in the said fields, he has been sitting in several board meetings where he assumes advisory roles. He believes that even as young people as those fresh from campus can create their brands and establish them quite well. However, he advises that for effectiveness, one must possess adequate skills and money to get the venture picking up.


Chris’ Advice on How an Entrepreneurs’ Morning Should Look Like


He says that an active investor must find unique ways of starting their days, considering that they are hectic, just as they are rewarding. According to him, you have to rise early and take some time to meditate. He argues that it clears the mind and prepares one for the day ahead, bearing in mind that it might come with its share of challenges.


Equally, you need to take breakfast so as to avoid dizzy days, after which you get down with your journal and make a to-do-list. Poor planning or no planning at all leads to wastage of time and regretful days. Once ready with all the said activities, you then hit the road and work without procrastinating.




Coming up with such comprehensive reports calls for experience. If not all, then ensure that you borrow several of these routine activities. They guide a businessperson in planning their days.