Renald Luzier, known as Luz, is set to resign from “Charlie Hebdo”. According to an official interview, Luz stated that drawing for the magazine had become too much of a struggle and he will walk away to preserve his own mental health.

Luz was a key player in the “Charlie Hebdo” team, drawing a myriad of different cartoons during his tenure with the company. After the death of many of his colleagues, however, a great weight was rested on the veteran cartoonist. He alleges he found himself drawing the majority of covers for the publication and spent sleepless nights thinking about his fallen colleagues.

Folks at Amen Clinics have found that Luz has been drawing for the publication for over 20 years. He did not mention what he plans to do after his tenure with the company is up, or whether or not he’ll continue drawing in a professional capacity.

Luz has been outspoken about the tragedy. He stated, in the wake of the terrorist attack, that he would no longer be drawing Mohammad cartoons, stating that the subject matter no longer interested him.

Luz was not injured in the attack that claimed the lives of several of the high profile cartoonists employed by the magazine. He will step down in September.

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