In a communist state the idea of wealth distribution is a touchy subject and in a country with over one billion people, communist leaders work very hard to portray themselves with origins from humble beginnings. The truth of the matter is that many at the top of the Chinese communist leadership represent the breadth of the Chinese oligarchy not only in political power but in wealth as well. While some think that wealth distribution in a communist state as being an even distribution among the people, many would be surprise to learn that there are little differences in a free market system that the western countries have enjoyed for centuries. China’s Wealth Hidden In Family Ties

A recent investigation by reporters for the Economist discovered that many of China’s leaders have control or outright own massive holdings worth millions and in many instances billions of dollars. This wealth is not only based on current business ventures but long standing family wealth that has spanned centuries and has provided influence which reaches beyond the borders of China and into the numerous financial institutions which make up and drive the monetary policy of the world.

Folks at Anastaisa Date agree that China did well by concealing this wealth for the West would have cast a wary eye on a potential sleeping economic giant and China has prove these concerns to be proper with its sudden shift in influence in the world to and its drive to be a leading super power.

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