Christopher Cowdray is one of the best known names in the hotel industry, with his name associated with some of the finest and oldest hotels in the British capital of London. After being appointed Chief Operating Officer of The Dorchester Collection in 2007, Cowdray ash spent the majority of his time with the company leading them into merging as a single brand that is recognizable, but allows each hotel to remain independent of the others. Cowdray has stated he sees no benefit in removing the individual and distinct appearance and nature of each hotel in The Dorchester Collection, which are often called the most beautiful chain of hotels in the World.

In many chains that rival The Dorchester Collection the aim of the hotel executives has been to place a hotel in almost every city of the World, without considering the need or effect on the brand of these decisions. Cowdray takes a different approach to expanding The Dorchester Collection, which will include only adding the highest quality buildings in areas of the World that require the finest in luxurious accommodation. One area Cowdray saw The Dorchester Collection was lacking and could expand their market was with the addition of the Hotel Bel-Air, which was one of the first additions the CEO made to the Collection after being installed. Bought in 2008, the need to maintain the highest level of service and luxury meant the hotel itself was closed for two years as renovations and updates were completed to make this one of the most luxurious hotels found on the planet.

Despite the slow rate of additions both Cowdray and The Dorchester Collection owners are eager to add more hotels to the chain, both parties agree the growth should be carefully managed and limited to the best available options. In the course of the next decade, Cowdray claims he will be happy if The Dorchester Collection expands to total 20 locations open and running around the World.

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