ClassDojo has become a leading educational app with the mission of transforming education around the world. ClassDojo creates a communication link between students, parents, and teachers, allowing them to quickly and easily connect and share their experiences through the app’s Classroom, Stories, Messages, and Original Content features.

For instance, Classroom allows students to pick different values and skills and to give feedback on each other’s progress toward their goals. Through Stories each student can share an automatically updating stream of videos and photos of their school experiences with other classmates, students, and teachers. This is especially useful in assisting students in creating a portfolio of what they have learned in school. The Messages portion of the app allows students, parents, and teachers to communicate with each other through instant digital messaging, without having to share personal information. Teachers can let parents know about such things as upcoming field trips or project due dates. They also can share photos and videos of things happening during the day’s lessons. Lastly, ClassDojo’s Original Content includes inspirational materials such as the “Growth Mindset” video series created in partnership with Stanford University.

ClassDojo is free which has helped it to enjoy great success. It has been translated into 35 languages and is being used in 180 countries. Not to mention, it is being incorporated into 90% of K–8 schools in the United States. With this sort of popularity, it is not surprising that ClassDojo has received numerous prominent awards such as the Education Innovation Award, the Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup, and the Innovation by Design Award.

ClassDojo is kid- and parent-friendly while also helping teachers to be more successful in their classrooms. With a great business model and an impressive collection of features, awards, and millions of happy users, there is little question why ClassDojo has become such a successful app.


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