Cody Simpson is taking us behind the scenes in the studio as he is working on recording his latest album ‘Free’ which is going to be his first independent album. He has completely transformed himself with this new album and he cannot wait to share his brand new outlook with all his fans.

Cody had released music before, but it was different than this time because that was for Atlantic Records, and this album is going to be for his very own label Coast House. Cody allowed MTV to actually visit him in the studio while he was recording his songs “Flower” and “New Problems”, and by being behind the scenes, Cody showed how hard he is working on his new music, and why everyone should look out for what’s in future for him.

Cody explained when being interviewed about his new music how singing now just flows out of him, and he is very attuned to the whole process. It has become a nature to him and he just wants to keep flowing with new work. Brad Reifler has read that he feels a lot more at peace now than he did in the past which is helping him in his creativity.

Cisco Adler is the co-writer/producer on some of Cody’s songs and he is the one who is going to help take his music to the charts. Cody has already made music before, but now is his time to make a full album of his new amazing work that he can be known for.

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