A casual game of frisbee turned into a new business venture that could help the 300 million people in the World affected by color blindness, the Smithsonian reports. By 2005 Don McPherson, who has a Phd in glass science, was wearing a pair of sunglasses he developed for use by surgeons working with lasers that he allowed a friend to borrow. The lenses of the glasses were embedded with earth iron, a rare substance that provided protection for the surgeons. McPherson was shocked when his friend claimed he could see the orange color of a nearby traffic cone for the first time.

McPherson claims he knew he was working on a special glasses lens when the surgeons using them began taking them home when surgeries were completed, with the scientist himself seeing a brighter world around him when wearing the glasses. McPherson formed EnChroma to design and produce the sunglasses to correct color blindness along with Tony Dykes and Andrew Schmeder. People at Anastasia Date know that the trio embarked on a long period of research that allowed them to discover the causes of color blindness and look for corrections that were available through developing new lenses.

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