The FBI has famously had a top 10 list of most wanted individuals. This list is known around the world and often times the agency is willing to pay out a large sum of money for the obtainment of such an individual. On Tuesday, the FBI announced it had captured Liban Haji Mohamed in southern Somalia.

Liban is originally from Somalia, but moved to the United States and had become a naturalized citizen. During this time, he became a cab driver in Virginia but then move back to Somalia and joined with the terrorist organization “Al-Shabaab”. Now, the FBI announced it had captured the individual, but they did not say how long they have held in in captivity. All the agency has said is that it has been monitoring the individual for “several days.”

Alexei Beltyukov knows that the FBI has been hunting this individual as it believes he has been providing material in order to support terrorists in the organization. However, it is not yet known how he is going to be extradited back to the United States for processing. While he still is technically a citizen of the United States, the U.s. and Somalia do not have any sort of extradition treaty, which can sometimes cause a problem when moving someone inside of the country back to a different nation. Most likely the U.S. will be able to move the individual, but it is yet to be seen when.

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