Dan Newlin is a Florida-based practicing lawyer who has helped many people to get compensation for accidents caused by others. He represents the injured victims in the court of law. His law firm Dan Newlin & Partner’s area of jurisdiction is Florida, but they have expanded to cover Chicago. This Florida based law firm has recovered millions of dollars for the victims of medical malpractice, accidents caused by vehicles, occupational injuries and a plethora of personal injuries caused by others. Dan Newlin and his law firm have represented many clients both poor and rich. They listen to any injury concerns and come up with the best solution.

Newlin started his career working as an Emergency-Medical-Technician (EMT) in Chicago. He was 18 years old by then. After a few years in his first career, He quickly moved to Chicago to work in the County Sherriff offices. Because of his hard work, he because the Orange County deputy sheriff. His many duties ranged from patrol to fugitive cases, crime prevention, and tourist policing among others. After listening to an insurance victim where an insurance victim was wronged, Dan Newlin decided to pursue law to help injury victims in future.

Discussing his education, he studied law at Florida State College and graduated in 2002. After his graduation, he chose to specialize in personal injury law. He realized his dreams because currently as we speak, he is a licensed, board-certified attorney practicing law in Chicago and Florida. Many people have known him as a super lawyer who deals with any injury case. He represents anybody with issues ranging from medical negligence, auto accidents, wrongful death, state injuries and other injury concerns. He has made great contributions to the community.
In total, Dan Newlin has managed to recover more than 200 million dollars as compensation for injury victims. He has a group of committed professionals working under him. These groups of professionals include legal experts, prosecutors, attorneys, surgeons and support staff.

Dan Newlin is an attorney who believes in fairness for all people regardless of financial status. He is always committed to helping many injury victims get compensated by wrong doors. Accidents may leave behind damaged properties, expensive medical bills, and other financial burden that a victim has to cover. It is only fair if we got thousands of people like Dan Newlin who are ready to help victims escape the financial obligations that come as a result of accidents.

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