According to a recent research, two different viruses; chikungunya and zika are transmitted by Aedes aegypti, in addition to the famous dengue virus. Medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes has proved that the three diseases share similar symptoms such as high fever, aching in eyes, muscles and spots on the skin. Dr. Sergio has realized the importance of educating people ways of differentiating the two new viruses since they are both caused by mosquito. The doctor says one major difference between dengue and the other two diseases is the pain in the muscles and also in the back of the eyes.
Additionally, some symptoms are predominant between zika virus and chikungunya. For zika virus, red eyes and itching in the cup are very intense, while for chikungunya, joint pains are very severe. It is not clearly proven the level of severity of virus zika in infants, although it is being studied. Dr. Sergio Cortes is conducting new studies to see whether it’s possible for patient to be affected by more than one disease at the same time. At the moment, there is not proven medication or antiviral to prevent the disease, however, according Dr. Cortes, medical experts are studying the possible treatment of these diseases.
Currently, the treatment is done through intravenously in clinics or whey-based hydration by mouth. After hydration, patients are supposed to rest for not less than five days for restoration of physical vigor. For almost four years, Butantan Institute, based in Sao Paulo, has been focusing on creating an effective antidote to prevent the disease. Sergio Cortes says that the institute expects to manufacture the drug after it is approved by National Health Surveillance Agency. About 17,000 volunteers are expected to receive the first dose of the new medicine, according to the information from the researchers. Dr, Cortes says that the vaccine is expected to prevent the four viruses of dengue.
About Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes, as a medical practitioner, he is advising people how to approach the summer, which is a few months away. During this season, it is common for people to sweat a lot especially under the armpits, which is normally shameful. Cortes advises people to wear on satin pieces made using silk or cotton because they are light. These materials make the body looser and sweating can be reduces significantly. Follow Dr. Sergio on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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