Diversant is a household name in the tech world, having led a number of Information Technology startups till their matured into profitable ventures. Not only does the company provide sound IT advice to budding techpreneurs, it also opens doors to young IT experts looking for their first employment opportunity or the next dream job.

Accredited Talent Bank

Diversant has connected young IT professionals to excellent job opportunities that challenge their expertise and capabilities. Acting as a credible talent back, Diversant matches promising tech professionals to their dream jobs in Fortune 500 companies and those in the mid-market range. They do not only vet an individual’s qualifications to a respective job offer, but also check that the individual can fit into the job culture where they are being posted.

IT Advisory Unit

The IT advisory unit at Diversant has played a big part in helping tech companies staff their departments. Their solid advice has gone a long way in improving the quality and depth of staff by recommending qualified individuals who help push the vision and goals of a company forward. Diversant has also been ardent in providing advice on innovation like User Experience Design for retail units, manufacturing plants or the biotechnology sector.

Many individuals and small startups would identify with Diversant’s efforts to promote independent thinking in the InfoTech world. Through thinking critically and creatively, IT firms can enjoy a dynamic talent based workforce that reshapes the future of tech products and services for that company.

One of the brilliant minds behind the launch of Diversant is John Goullet, who serves as the chief principal of the company. Mr. Goullet first ventured into IT consulting as a professional career, before adding IT staffing to his job description in 1994. Through his sound knowledge of the financial markets, he launched his first company, Info Technologies, which served as an advisory unit to Fortune 500 companies. In just 5 years, his company’s networth rose to $30m, a fete that saw Info Technologies listed as one of the fastest growing US companies on Inc Magazine. Goullet brought his expertise and knowledge of successfully running a company to Diversant, where his current position as Principal allows him to further his talents in the dynamic IT market.

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