In a recent interview with Richard Thompson by the Daily Herald , it was discussed how important Thompson feels it is to provide fresh flavorful products. He explained how he uses only the top ingredients in his dog food and controls the amount of time they will be allowed to sit on a shelf. This is to make certain they are consumed while they are still quality food. The interview was conducted during a tour of the Freshpet Inc. factory in Pennsylvania. This company is on the rise within their own product line and part of a growing innovator in the pet food industry. Their unique and exceptionally healthy brand of cat and dog food has consumers opening their wallets as they are being won over with this unbelievably good pet food. Thompson reports they are taking pet food to the next level as their product is good enough to serve on the family dining room table. Their refrigerated dog meals are breaking new territory in the pet food industry. They sell the brand in display cases in almost 15,000 stores across the country. Their approach of taping into your dog’s history of eating what their ancestors the wolves ate is winning over thousands of customers. Other companies are joining this idea of providing pets with more nutrients and better meals. Beneful brand dog food also offers a large variety of products on Amazon including their Chopped Blends line. These moist dog foodscontain wholesome ingredients that are small in size but big in flavor. Some of the choices Beneful has available are; real salmon, tomatoes, carrots, beef, chicken, turkey and more. Their pet foods are 100% complete and balanced to maintain pet health. They employ experts in food safety ensuring only quality ingredients go into their products. Their experts are constantly striving to ensure Beneful and all Purina pet food lines meet high ingredient standards. Using real ingredients in pet food is estimated to be extremely expensive and Wall Street is skeptical on the success of these new foods. Thompson; however, is confident this new product will be pet owner’s new choice in how they care for their pets.