Working in a dog shelter is quite difficult, especially when a dog may be sitting there for months at a time. The shelter that I work for does not believe in killing animals, so we can be filled to capacity at times. I work for a very big shelter, and there are at least a couple hundred dogs at any given time. It can be heartbreaking to see a dog be in the shelter for so long without a family coming to pick them up, but at least the dog is alive. Many of the dogs that we rescue have been in some terrible situations, and it’s unbelievable that anyone could be so cruel to animals.

I love my job, and I also have a dog of my own at home. I use a lot of the things that I learned on the job to help my dog at home and vice versa. If I learn a different way of grooming a dog at work, then I’ll take the information home and use it on my dog. If I learn something from my dog at home, then I’ll teach it to any dog in the shelter that can utilize it. Not only do I enjoy my job, but I love the things that I learn about the different dogs I take care of.

I work at least five days a week, and I may have some long hours at times. If certain people don’t come into work, then I may end up working extra hours for the day. Although I don’t mind the hours that I work at the shelter, it can become very difficult for me. I noticed that a lot of the dogs were not eating the foods that we were given, and I went to the owner of the shelter about it. The owner figured that the food was as good as any other dog food, so he dismissed it.

After I spoke with the manager of the shelter and I told him that I feed my dog Beneful, and then the manager began thinking about switching dog foods. I knew that I couldn’t get the owner of the shelter to change the foods that the dogs would be eating, but the manager could. After I told my manager all the good things that were happening to my dog after he started eating Beneful, then the manager seriously considered going to the owner about switching dog foods.

It was only two weeks later when I started seeing bags of Beneful dog food in our shelter, and I had a smile on my face because obviously they listened to what I said. I noticed since then on that every dog would eat their food when it came time to eat, and no dog left any Beneful behind. I knew that it was the food that the dogs didn’t like, and it’s bad enough that they’re in the shelter, so at least they can have good food while they are here. I believe Beneful has helped many of the dogs in the shelter to eat much better.

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