Some people absolutely love to play sports, and they may play it every day of their life. Some are so fanatic when it comes to sports, that they’ll play seven days a week, and sometimes for several hours a day. Although playing sports is a great way to exercise, especially if one is looking to lose weight, injuries can occur when playing sports. The more a sport is played, and the more contact a person has with others during play, the more likely they are to be injured. Sports injuries that occur, happen in the neck or back, at least 20% of the time.

Any neck or back injury, while playing sports, can really damage the person’s ability to play in the future. A person may become injured today, and the pain may get worse over time, making them unable to play for a while. Some may continue to play through the pain, but the pain becomes so bad, that it’s hard for them to focus on the game. For someone who loves sports, pain should never be their focus, especially when they are playing. If pain becomes so unbearable, that it’s occurring every day, then it’s time for a change.

North American Spine specializes in spine, neck and back pain. Many have chosen to go to North American Spine, in order to rid themselves of chronic pain in the neck and back. Even those who play sports, can go to North American Spine, in order to alleviate the pain they are feeling on a daily basis. Those who play sports, are very serious about their game, and back or neck pain can completely throw their game off. Bending, lifting, stooping and running, can be affected by back pain, especially while playing a sport.

The AccuraScope procedure is performed at North American Spine, and many patients have had success with it. The AccuraScope procedure is performed on those who have had chronic pain for a long period of time, and they want to diagnose, treat, and relieve their pain. Over 8000 patients have gone to North American Spine for treatment, and over 90% of patients say they would recommend the procedure to others. Although back pain can be devastating, it does not have to take over the life of a sports player, especially if they seek help. A visit to North American Spine can help to heal back pain for good.

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