As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Jennifer Walden is often asked to share insights about her profession. Dr. Walden specializes in the area of cosmetic surgery, which allows people to physically reverse the signs of aging. Not only does this improve their appearance it also improves their self-esteem. As skin ages it loses its elasticity so it is subject to drooping and sagging, which not only makes a person appear old, but tired as well. Procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasties can help restore a person’s youthful appearance. The procedure for a facelift actually encompasses several key areas on the face, including under the eyes, above the lip and around the jawline.


Although Dr. Walden trained with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York, she actually received her education in Austin Texas, which is where she grew up. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Austin she was accepted into medical school. The creativity combined with the immediate delivery of results led her to specialize in plastic surgery. She enrolled in a plastic surgery program at Galveston’s University, where she was also later accepted into a post-residency fellowship program for aesthetic surgery.


Even though Dr. Jennifer Walden has the distinction of having been featured in many articles about plastic surgery she is still described as a warm, down-to-earth individual. After establishing a practice in Manhattan where she worked for many years, Dr. Walden decided to return to her home town of Austin. She currently has a successful practice with patients who often describe her as being both knowledgeable and friendly. She exerts a certain type of confidence that immediately puts her patients at ease. Dr. Walden is dedicated to helping others obtain their goals on how they want to look and feel.