*A Closer Look at Drew Madden:

Drew Madden is a well known Health Care IT Specialist. Mr. Madden is devoted to his profession and he believes in establishing a strong company presence. In addition, developing long term business based relationships is the key to success especially within the IT business. For over a decade Drew Madden has been optimizing special EMR and other projects, building reliable business relationships and utilizing his technical skills to the fullest.

Drew Madden has over seven years experience as President of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic Consulting Partners is an hi tech consulting firm is headquartered out of Madison Wisconsin. Mr. Madden has a variety of responsibilities that are critical to the organizations success. Therefore, Drew Madden must use his expert knowledge and business development skill when he is recruiting new IT Personnel. In addition, Mr. Madden must create effective business development strategies so that the company continues to expand and develop new creative concepts.

Under Drew Madden’s direction, Nordic experienced an substantial increase in gross revenue within the 2015-2016 fiscal year. In addition, the organization experienced exceptional growth on a national as well as international level while under the direction and guidance of Drew Madden.

Previously, Drew Madden was employed by an organization called Ingenix. Drew Madden held a position as an Epic Consultant during his tenure with Ingenix. Ingenix is an organization directly related to United Health Care. Mr. Madden was responsible for creating medical solutions for a variety of in house patients.

*Previous Experience & Educational Background:

Drew Madden was promoted from Epic Consultant to a Business Development Manager within a two year period. Ingenix was called Healthia Consulting until their merger in 2008. Following a merger the organization changed its name to Ingenix. Drew Madden received several Employee recognition awards while employed by Ingenix. mr. Madden was continually recognized for his exceptional management and organizational skills.

Drew Madden graduated from Iowa College of Engineering. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from Iowa College. The college is geared toward those seeking careers within the Biomedical Sciences as well as Engineering.