Teaching economics at the University of Chicago and having practiced in the field for years, Christian Broda is distinguished economist drawing admiration form all over the world. He is particularly very specific in and committed to issues dealing with capital management. His skill in capital management propelled him to become the managing director in capital management firm, Duquesne Capital Management. Broda has been working as a consultant in economic issues to firms, individuals and governments and his reputation has been building up far and wide. He runs a very successful career in the world of business and his hard work has been paying off in the recent past.

Looking at the accomplishments and legacies that the legendary economist has been accumulating under his name, one cannot fail to notice the importance of economists. Economists are very crucial in every aspect of our lives and their services and expertise is not only useful in the business sector but also in other areas of life. For instance, the government plays a major role in shaping the economic path of a country. As such they require an insight to understand the implications of certain policies on the economy. This will help the government and its agencies to implement sane policies that have been interrogated by professional economists and cleared to have no serious negative ultimate implications.

When it comes to the health sector, it is obvious that the private health sector is not entirely a humanitarian branch offering services to the vulnerable. Private health practitioners are business minded as much as they have the calling to help out. As such, it suffices to say that the health sector has its business edge that requires economic approach and advice. This is where economists come in in the health sector to help in evaluating economic implications of certain health policies. Economists’ help in this sector come along as business planning and allocation of resources to the right end in order of necessity. The advantage of economists is their ability to efficiently identify the best choice in competing alternatives choices in allocating financial resources.

Economists are broad in terms of their roles and they are well equipped to offer lasting solutions to issues bordering on social, economic, political and even financial nature. Finding reasonable and a lasting solutions in these areas is quite imperative for the well-being of the general economy. As such, under playing the role economists in the society can be a serious mistake. Economists are the professionals who can mitigate the conflict between humans and the scarce resources that are increasing getting even scarcer due to the strain put on them by the rising population. Economists will save the world if the right people listen and implement the recommendations they give.

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