Recently, the House of Representatives released its Tax Plan, calling for the appeal of the Johnson Amendment, which helps keep religious money out of politics. Soon after, the political action committee(PAC), End Citizens United (ECU), made clear their goal to protect the Johnson Amendment in a press release. With all of the chaos of the political world and the distractions of the White House – from Trump calling North Korea’s leader fat, to continued halts in the Russia investigation – have kept the House plans to repeal the amendment out of public eye. ECU intends to alert the public.

The Johnson Amendment, was named for Lyndon B. Johnson (a democrat) and indoctrinated by Dwight Eisenhower (a republican) in 1954. This amendment prohibits religious institutions from putting money towards politics – helping to uphold our country’s founding belief of separation of church and state. The current president has already made attempts to weaken the bill by signing executive orders but now it appears the House now wants to be rid of the amendment altogether. This could give religious houses unprecedented power in U.S. elections and further the ideas of the 2010 Citizens United decision which acknowledged that unions and corporations shared rights that were previously reserved for individual citizens. Non-profit organizes such as churches are also already tax-exempt giving them a financial edge to donate in political matters should the Johnson Amendment be repealed.

President of ECU’s PAC, Tiffany Muller, was quoted in the press release defending the Amendment, “The House Republican’s tax plan includes the terrible decision to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which can turn churches into tools for secret campaign spending.”

ECU is a largely democratic PAC run by donations. After being inspired by the repercussions of the Supreme Courts 2010 decision in Citizens United vs FEC,they formed their PAC in March of 2015. Their mission is to reform the way that campaigns are funded and return accountability and transparency back into elections.Their funding can be viewed publicly through the Federal Election Commission which they update annually. To find out more about End Citizens United and their growing grassroots movement they can be found on twitter, where they consistently report how, where, and by whom campaign dollars are really being spent. Read more: