Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician who specializes in surgery. He is currently licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. Over the course of his career, Mark has been known to be a passionate advocate for Mark’s  patients. This has resulted in enabling him to establish a reputation as a top surgeon. Along with being a surgeon, Mark has spent a number of years in entrepreneurship. In the year 2005, Mark started up a real estate development firm and a mortgage lending company. These businesses were very successful and allowed Mark to make valuable contributions to his community. Prior to starting up his entrepreneurial ventures, Mark attended and graduated from Tulane University. At this university, he completed his medical education. After finishing up medical school, Mark practiced medicine with his father.

Mark was experiencing a lot of success with his real estate mortgage businesses for a number of years. However, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 and destroyed his business interests. Despite suffering this setback, Mark would look to help the area recover by participating in a number of redevelopment projects. He helped build a number of low to moderate income housing units to help individuals get quality housing after the storm. Two years later in 2007, Mark moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he would start up ShapeMed which was a healthcare practice which specialized in aesthetics and wellness. Along with starting up this practice, Dr. McKenna would become the Medical Director of Life Time Fitness. About ten years later and recently in 2016, Mark founded OVME which would be a company that provides a number of medical aesthetic services.

Mark founded OVME after participating in medical aesthetics for a number of years while he was practicing as a surgeon. When he gets up, Mark spends his days working for many hours along with training in JiuJitsu. He spends time with his wife and daughter on a regular basis when he has downtime from his work. In terms of achieving success in business, Mark says that getting people smarter than him as well as reading enable him to reach his potential. During his career Mark has been a member of organizations such as the Entrepreneurs Organization, the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

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