Equities First Holdings is delighted to publicize that it has acquired Meridian Equity Partners in the United Kingdom (FCA no. 605564). Meridian Equity Partners’ operations will carry on under the name Equities First (London) Limited. Equities First Holdings is a global forerunner in shareholder finance. The firm has offices in Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Perth, London, and Singapore. This year has been a year of expansion and consolidation for h company.

The acquisition of the Meridian Equity Partners is a game changer for the enterprise. This is a move that is going to enable Equities First Holdings to expand its services and trademark to a brand new worldwide level. This firm has seven offices for serving its clientele in Europe, Australia, USA, and Asia. Equities First Holdings is going to offer flexibility and appealing rates against openly traded shares to private investors, executives of public companies as well as businesses all over the globe.

Since its founding In 2002. Equities First Holdings has offered client around the world excellent services. Equities First Holdings provides alternative financing solutions as well as supplying capital against openly traded stocks. This helps clients realize their professional and personal objectives. The firm is dedicated to offering customers with excellent services around the world. They have a team of qualified professionals whose experience assures clients of top notch services.

Equities First Holdings has an unmatched focus on the customer’s needs. This gives the company the chance to operate deal- by deal with its customers. Equities First is a leading firm in developing competent lending solutions, a field that they perfected in their 14 years in operation. This is evident in their continued steady growth in various markets globally.

Their excellence and professionalism have made Equities First holding a top-tier financial institution in the world. Their great dedication to customers has significantly widened their clientele. The company aims to provide the world with excellent securities-based lending.