Eric Pulier is an American businessman who strives to make a difference in the world. His education at Teaneck High School in New Jersey led him to Harvard from where Eric Pulier graduated magna cum laude. He has since emphasized helping economically-disadvantaged individuals and children who battle chronic illnesses.

Pulier’s contributions to the field of technology are outstanding. He has helped found fifteen companies, raised millions of dollars to fund his businesses, and has established his reputation as one of the best technologists today. He is also a well-respected publicist and often makes appearances at technology conferences.

In 2013, Pulier became a board member for the XPrize Foundation. The company hosts competitions which help people find solutions for humanistic problems deemed impossible to solve. Pulier has held summer camps for children with severe diseases and has been published as a widely-known author. In early 2012, one of his articles, “The Enterprise Industrial Complex”, was featured in an issue of Forbes Magazine.

Pulier has consistently demonstrated a certain passion for philanthropy. He is a firm believer in reaching out to those who are less fortunate and helping them however possible. He spearheaded the creation of an educational tool which teaches victims of multiple sclerosis what it is they face every day. True to his pioneer roots, in 1995, along with Peter Samuelson, Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., and Stephen Spielberg, Pulier created the first ever social network. Named Starbright World, it was a platform dedicated to connecting children diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

Currently, Pulier is the managing partner for FLF, founded in 2015 as well as the chief executive officer for ServiceMesh Incorporated. He has been awarded several patents for his innovative designs in the realm of cloud computing. He lives in Los Angeles, California and spends his time raising his four children and continuing his innovative and philanthropic efforts.

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