During the industrialization era in the 1950s, environmental conservation was a primary concern to almost all countries. Many companies had not yet devised techniques to curb the ongoing menace of pollution. Some company’s that had excellent expertise and prowess in their fields of specialization were among the first to formulate methodologies that would assist. Among the most eminent companies was Eucatex, a Brazil-based paint manufacturer that has its name hailed around the world. Eucatex was established in 1951 but started its operations in 1954 in Salto with the primary aim of producing and marketing linings and insulating from eucalyptus wood fibers making it the first Brazilian company ever to manufacture its products using eucalyptus as raw material. The company is devoted to conserving the environment and acoustic comfort in the production of ceiling tiles and panels.

The business has evolved very quickly to becoming one of the largest paint producers in Brazil. It meets the demands of various sectors such as furniture manufacturers, packaging, enormous industrial construction and caters for the external market. Currently, the company works in sectors of furniture and construction industry. It comprises of three factories that operate in Salto.

The company’s strong leadership skills have been an essential element that has driven the company to success. Among the proficient leader in the company is Flavio Maluf, who currently serves as its president. Mr. Flavio assumed the presidency in 1997 after working for the company since 1987. The mechanical engineer and entrepreneur graduated from FAAP. Throughout his career, Flavio has aimed at creating a solid foundation for the company to protect the interests of both clients and employees. Under his leadership, the company expanded rapidly starting up a new hardboard mill in Salto and a Metal Industrial Unit, in Barueri (SP). As part of the expansion program for Eucatex, the company opened subsidiary offices in Mexico, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom and the U.S. Its exports also heightened to over 50 countries with production segmented into 4 categories: Metallic, Mineral, Forestry and Wood. During the same period, Eucatex started to manufacture paints, previously with the sole intention of coating its own acoustic ceiling tiles and panels.

Since Mr. Flavio is bullish on the environment, the company resorted to investing in land to maintain self-sufficiency in the supply of raw materials. Eucatex is acknowledged for its endeavors by the best practices of sustainable development and has international certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They were also awarded the Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council that maintains the social, economic and environmental standards. They also ensure that companies comply with them. Eucatex is a company that is vehement on environmental, economic and social standards. At its 60th anniversary, Eucatex celebrated being a top paint producer.

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