If there is anyone who has made a difference in the world of education, it will have to be Eva Moskowitz. This beautiful human being is well known for her out of the ordinary vision when it comes to the school system.

Since she is the mother of three lovely children, she has made it one of her goals to change the system of education of all children and individuals. Eva Moskowitz is the CEO of a charter named Success Academy Schoo, which is one of the best and high-ranking school networks in the City of New York. As a resident of Harlem, she was able to open her first school and has been active for more than nine years with a grounding number of networks. At present, she now owns a total of 32 schools all over New York, specifically in Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn that all serve more than 9,000 students for each school in all locations.

Eva Moskowitz first knew that she wanted to change the educational system when she started as a council member for the New York Council. She served as the chairman of the educational committee, which obligated her to visit more than thousands of city school around New York. Apart from this part of her career, she has also been quite popular for her unique hearings, which she believes that nothing will be too notorious or too irrelevant to be carefully studied. Her educational advocacy is based primarily on the familiarities of the different educational systems, which is why she has been very desperate to change the system.

In her early years, she had completed her education at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. After she had finished her four-year degree in arts, she was still not satisfied, so she decided to take up Ph.D. for American History at the John Hopkins University, where she became the history professor and educated her various students about civics. She had also taught her students about the program that was specifically designed for the student minority, which is called the prep for prep program. Through her teachings, she has managed to influence many students and has trained to be real individuals.

Eva Moskowitz continues to be one of the most powerful role models in the world of education. She had made a huge mark on the lives of many children for not just being a great educator but a humble human being that strives to give back to her community. She has helped a lot of people, and she still makes it a goal to improve her methods further. She still wants to open more schools around the United States to help more growing numbers of children. Throughout the course of her career, she has achieved many milestones and has also taught many teachers about her philosophy when it comes to education, which a lot of people are still practicing until now and for years to come.