Fabletics has become a very popular gym wear brand over the last several years. There are lots of people that are raving about what Kate Hudson has manage to create with this brand. It is a fairly new clothing line, but there are a lot of people that are thrilled with how this company is progressing so far. It has been highlighted in Elle magazine as one of the best new companies for people that are trying to find comfortable workout clothes.

Kate Hudson comes through loud and clear as the leader that is pushing this company forward. There are some other co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, that are connected to the company, but Kate is obviously the force behind this organization. She has become someone that has grown as an industry leader in a short amount of time. It helps that she is passionate about the clothing line. People are have started to see her in commercials and print ads. She has modeled the clothes, and she even provided her own clothing favorite picks.

There are a lot of people that are interested in seeing more physical stores, and Kate Hudson and her team are currently working vigorously on that. There are plans for a lot of new stores, and Fabletics is certainly becoming the brand that people talk about when they are interested in getting the best gym clothes. It is evident that Kate is a firm believe in working out because she appears on the website in several different garments. She looks great in these outfits from Fabletics, and this is something that is inspiring to other fans. It makes people want to get in shape and consider the same type of workout routines themselves.

Fabletics is here to stay, and Kate is making sure that the brand has longevity by building more stores. There are a ton of celebrities that have had clothing lines that have failed over the years. These celebrities may have been directly linked to the brands and the trend may have died as their celebrity status faded. Hudson is focused less on her own name and more on quality clothing. She also has a subscription service in place that is supposed to make it easier for customers to buy products. All of these things are relevant for the growth of Fabletics. Hudson has built a solid brand that people are praising.
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