The death of the popular king of pop attracted several rumours that he had faked his death and appeared in his funeral service. These rumours were fuelled by several Michael Jackson looking like people. One of the most resemblances to the late star is Sergio Cortes. The great lovers of Michael Jackson songs have many impersonators carrying his memories around the globe. The web has several videos of Sergio Cortes impersonating Michael Jackson. He is excellent and has a thrilling experience in what he does. Sergio can be easily being confused for the real Michael Jackson by fans who do not know better. That the source of the rumours doing rounds around the web that Michael Jackson faked his death and he appears in shows for those who don’t know, this guy isn’t Michael, he is Sergio Cortes.
Sergio’s singing is spot on and has great ability to recreate Michael Jackson. He is superb in what he does. He also has a great influence to capture his audience impact through his music. Michael Jackson would probably be proud of what he is doing to carry on his memories
Sergio is a Spanish citizen. He has taken on a career to impersonate Michael Jackson and is doing it quite well. He is Michael’s look alike and with similar physical capabilities. He has been able to intimidate Michael through his different stages of his life. Sergio has even imitated his skin tone. He says he was a high fan and admired Michael Jackson through his life. He has the capability of emulating his greatest hits and performs his choreography and does even his meet and greets.
Born in 1971 in Barcelona Spain, Sergio is a client for a company known as Destiny Projects. It specializes in managing developments in the creative industry. People who know Sergio say he’s a quite gifted man and loves to impact their lives through his great work. Besides being one of the best look alike of Michael Jackson, Sergio is very passionate about his work. He is famous for great vocal resemblance to the late Michael Jackson and completely fits his physical capabilities. His teenage friends characterized him as Michael. Many companies invited him for work. Sergio recreated Michael’s best song in 2012 when he performed in tribute to Michael Jackson show. He is currently in Italy where he is doing his current project known as human nature live show.

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