The much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey hit the box office this weekend with a bang. Hauling in $81.7 million, it is among the most successful febuary releases of all time. In fact, the film has is only bested by Passion of the Christ, in terms of box office sales for a February release. The film also pulled down over $150 million in overseas box office sales this weekend.

The success of the film, in terms of box office sales, is actually no big surprise. The book series has been widely read across the globe, and the first installment sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Bruce Karatz says that the book, and its film adaptation speaks of something much larger at play, though, according to experts and NNDb.

Movie houses, and book publishers are becoming more aware of a growing and important demographic; the female buyer. While women have largely been considered “domestic” buyers for years, companies are now beginning to realize they are important entertainment buyers, as well. Production companies are among the fist to jump on he bandwagon and they are likely to clean up for it in 2015.

Over the course of the next 11 months, there are roughly 15 large release movies that target women a their primary demographic. Cinderella, Magix Mike XXL, Hot Pursuit and Sisters are prime examples. All will hit the theaters throughout the spring and summer months.

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