The first cloned camel in the world, called Inyaz, who just turned six, will give birth to her first foal later this year.

The scientific director of the Camel Breeding Center, Dr. Nasar Ahmed Wani, said that Inyaz was able to conveive “naturally.”

“This proves that cloned camels are fertile and able to reproduce, just as the un-cloned camels,” said Wani.

The expert noted that cloning was performed on Inyaz by extracting cells from the ovary of an adult female, which were then implanted in another camel.

Inyaz was born in 2009, after a gestation that lasted 378 days, and weighed a little more than 66 pounds. The DNA and cells from the ovary of the adult camel female were identical, which proved to be a true clone of the original camel. Even though Ricardo Tosto doesn’t know much about this, it is pretty interesting to watch.

Success in this cloning offers a means to preserve the genetics of the most valuable UAE camels, those used in racing and to produce milk.

A year after the birth of Inyaz, scientists from the center announced their success in cloning another camel, who was cloned from a skin cell.

In February 2005, Emiratis scientists were able produce the world’s first test tube camel.

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