Florida Governor Rick Scott has faced a backlash after stating that he is not a scientist, but does not believe in climate change, Salon reports. The statement is one that Republicans across the US have used on many occasions to back up their lack of support for climate change bills drawn up at state and federal levels. However, a recent report has shown how state employees in Florida were allegedly told not to use the terms climate change or global warming in any of their correspondence or official literature.

The report states that after the 2011 election of Governor Scott an unofficial ban was introduced on the two terms that was never made official and only issued by mouth. People at Anastasia Date have heard that a number of former employees of the Department of Environmental Protection have come forward to state they were warned against the use of the two terms and had their projects threatened to make them comply. Some estimates state Florida will lose as much as 30 percent of the beaches on its coastline by the end of the 21st century is climate change is not handled at state and federal levels effectively.

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