Most of us in the U.S. may only see a rodent occasionally, and it is usually an unpleasant affair. It will typically take the form of one getting in the house, and it’s normally a small mouse that a simple trap can dispose of quickly and easily enough said James Dondero. There are, however, many different species of what are generally classified as rodents throughout the world. They can vary in size and weight from very tiny and a fraction of an ounce up to 50 pound beavers and some even bigger. There was a recent study on where the biggest rodents in the world are found and it turns out to be islands.

This is a fortunate fact for housewives and others who dread a run in even with a small common mouse let alone a capybara the size of a small dog. The capybara is a rodent indigenous to South America, but as with other rodents, some occasionally find their way onto islands where they then end up living for multiple generations under fairly isolated conditions relative to their landlocked cousins. Perhaps it is that some of these islands lack their natural predators and so they don’t have to stay small to scurry behind a rock to hide when one comes along. Whatever the reason, home owners in developed countries can be happy the ones that sneak into their homes don’t grow as big as these giants.

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