The pet food industry is valued at about $23 billion as of 2015. As the business has grown, changes have been implemented at a rapid pace over recent years. These changes are causing an economic surge in the market, as people have proven that they are willing to pay more for healthy, well-made pet food. There has been a continous rise of awareness of the true importance of healthy, freshly-made food not only for people, but for their pets. Just as people have been avoiding artificial sweeteners and flocking to trend, health foods like kale, so too are pet owners paying more to make sure that their dogs are eating the freshest healthy foods possible. Pet food has traditionally been made using lamb and salmon along with ingredients of questionable benefit to dogs, like corn and wheat flour. As more nutritional information was learned, the food formulas have continuosly changed to provide the most healthy pet food options possible. This has led to the rise of custom food brands for different types of pets. There are foods to help pets lose weight, foods made with cranberries to promote pet health, and even some that offer lasagna for dogs. Purina even has a Facebook website that can help an owner customize their dog’s nutritional intake. Turkey has become a new go-to ingredient for dog foods in general. The concept of feeding a pet healthier food has caused the pet food industry to grow by about 50% since 2009. To keep ahead of the pack, Purina bought Merrick Pet Care, which offered a variety of organic pet foods. Purina’s Beneful line has also been offering pet foods made with coconut oil, which is easier for aging dogs to metabolize. Some companies have even tried selling dog food that needs to be kept in refrigerators. Purina’s Beneful line has been one of the best-selling brands of foods that promote pet health. Each ingredient of their dog foods is tested and held to a high standard. Beneful foods are made with meats and vegetables rich in vitamins, bringing canines a wide variety of tastes and textures.