Warner Brothers has decided to jump on the Confederate flag bandwagon and refuses to allow license for the Confederate flag to be used on any new versions of the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee die cast cars. The cars will still be available without the flag. This move is similar to the refusal by eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Esty and Sears to sell Confederate flags or anything that contains the flag on it.

This move is supposed to help stop the hatred, some saying that it symbolizes hatred and racism. That’s how some at Qnet view it. Others say that the flag is a part of history in the United States and the heritages of those who live in the southern states where the flags are popular. In the meantime, the real issue is not addressed. Racism, hatred and anger are the real issues and those things cannot be eradicated by removing a piece of cloth from the landscape.

The history of the United States will remain it’s history regardless of how anyone attempts to change it. Removing this piece of cloth and anything that has to do with the Civil War will only fuel and fan the flames of anger amongst the people of the nation. That is quite the opposite of what everyone says they want. This is a lose, lose situation for everyone. Stop the madness and look the real problem square in the eye. It is only then that America can heal and move forward. Progress for the future cannot be found in the past.

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