George Soros warns the EU not to consider Putin as their ally in the fight against the ISIS in his article in the Project Syndicate. The Hungarian-born billionaire claims that the Russian President is masking is intentions by offering support against the Islamic State. He plans to disintegrate the European Union so that they can remove the sanctions that they have imposed on Russia. To achieve this, Putin soldiers are bombing Syrian towns and most people are fleeing to neighboring countries. The EU plans to accommodate 200,000-300,000 refugees from Syria annually. He intends to flood the EU member states with refugee and given that the governments will have to cater for their expenses then the Union will not last. It will be even better for Putin if the EU crashed earlier since the economy of Russia is on the verge to collapse.

Soros offers a practical solution to the EU that will not threaten its existence. The EU should come up with a common asylum policy that will manage the problems without leading to a political crisis. Each member state of the EU focuses on how to safeguard themselves instead of creating a comprehensive plan that will regulate and assign asylum seekers to their designated locations. Soros plan to solve the refugee migration as follows; the European Union should be ready to accommodate more refugees and finance them so as to help them cover their bills. Then they should considerably fund countries that have already provided a home for them. They should then create a single agency that will cater for the needs of asylum seekers. Secure channels should then be erected for the refugees, starting with getting them to their countries. The EU should also establish global standards on how refugees should be treated and finally, the union should seek the support from the private sector so as to be able to accommodate more than a million refugees annually.
Soros was born in Budapest before moving to the United Kingdom after his country was conquered by Nazi. He then transferred to the United States and is currently the best hedge fund manager according to Forbes Magazine. Open Society is his foundation that started out by giving scholarships to black students who were affected by the apartheid. They joined the Cape Town University through the Foundation. He believes in a society that respects human values and upholds the law. The society functions in over 100 countries and in 2011 it had an expenditure of $835 million.
He is the author of best-selling books and articles too. In his writings, George Soros passionately describes how he handles investments and businesses as well as voicing his opinion on politics. He also has funded politicians like during the re-election of President Obama and the current support he gives to PAC, which is the Hillary Clinton campaign team.