George Soros, the name rings many bells. Businessman, democrat, philanthropist. George Soros is many things in the great country of America.

George Soros has put more money into the economy and donated more to multiple charities philanthropies than many people can claim to have done. He has put many resources toward promoting the democratic ideals our nation stands for. His contribution to the planet is miraculous. Some of the industries he has contributed to include health, education, and worldwide humanitarianism. He has gone the extra mile to forward the efforts of greatness peace.

George Soros has a main foundation that he uses to make these amazing contributions. This foundation is called George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to finding people who are marginalized, oppressed, and silenced. He searches for communities he can help worldwide. The foundation is focused on finding those communities which most need his help and he connects with other organizations who share his mission. When he finds an organization he connects with, George Soros will collaborate and research ways to uplift those who need the effort. He works toward this mission day by day, community by community, one place at a time.

George Soros was born in Germany, the son of immigrants. His beginning was bleak and humble. His parents were held captive by Nazis but his family was lucky enough to survive and escape. They had the drive to survive and thrive. In 1947, he moved to England and began a new life where he worked hard as a waiter to put himself through business school. He attended the illustrious London School of Economics. In his drive to succeed, he mailed letters to every investment bank in Europe until he received a reply. His break came in the form of an entry-level position with a major merchant bank in London.

War ravaged Europe. It was a difficult time for all. George Soros took it upon himself to assist in the relief effort donated exorbitant amounts of money to aid those in need. To be exact, he contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the rebuilding effort. He did this humanitarian deed both during and after the war. He was praised for his excellent efforts. In recent times, George Soros has begun contributing money to social causes and supporting rights for various groups of underrepresented and underprivileged people. He has donated money to the causes of LGBT rights, supporting their movement for equal rights relief from oppression. He has also assisted with disability rights and supported research for cures to major diseases and afflictions. Hospitals and doctors are very grateful for his contributions. Muslims in Europe, international justice and counterterrorism are major focuses which he maintains efforts towards. He believes that all groups are equal and all people should be allowed basic freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Surely, the world would not as great a place as it is without George Soros. He has contributed so much of his life and so much of his time. Millions of people thank George Soros and Follow him