The Success of the Quantum Fund

George Soros is arguably the most successful hedge fund manager in world history. He has repeatedly shown he understands the market better than anyone else. Thanks to his ability to predict the outcome of international markets, he has made himself one of the world’s largest fortunes and continues to expand upon his initial success. He doesn’t simply hoard his wealth or look for ways to enrich himself at the expense of others. Instead, he uses his wealth to better the lives of others and to bring forward a more progressive world. This has attracted the criticism of the Right, but it has also given the Left the boost it needs.

His Social Justice Platform

Social justice is something that George Soros finds very important. He wants to do just about everything he can to make sure that people around the world are able to get the help they need to determine the outcome of their own lives. In many countries this is simply not a possibility. He supports social justice by giving as much help as possible to movements that purport ways to give people access to the means to fight oppression such as Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups that focus on giving minorities a fair chance in life.

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His Plans for America Today

Today, George Soros is trying to do everything he can to help the Left fight against Donald Trump. It isn’t a secret that the 2016 elections were devastating to the Left and gave conservatives near complete control over the federal government of the United States. To take back power liberals are going to need to do everything they can to fight against his regime and Soros is with them every step of the way.

What George Soros Warns Against

George Soros has made his stance against Donald Trump fairly clear. He has done just about everything he can to fight Trump and he has made more than a little effort towards helping Democrats fight his agenda. Donald Trump has opposed everything that Soros believes about immigration and free trade. Now, George Soros is determined to do everything that he can to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance to reverse what America has done on these issues.

About George Soros

George Soros is a political donor, philanthropist, and hedge fund manager with a strong focus on trying to support progressive movements. He has made himself a fortune worth tens of billions using the Quantum Fund and he continues to make headlines for his success in the financial speculation market and his efforts to make the world around him a better place.

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