It has been several years since the Cleveland kidnapping victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have spoken out about their 10 year stint locked up in the “House of Horrors.” Both girls, along with Michelle Knight, lived a horrible life locked up in a house with no freedoms and were terribly mistreated by their captor, Ariel Castro.


It has been two years since the girls were able to break free. Castro left his house and forgot to lock the girls inside their room. While he was out, Berry was able to grab her 6-year-old daughter (fathered by Castro) and break through the front door. From there, she ran to a neighbor’s house and was able to call 911. In a matter of minutes, the 10 years the girls were captured they were now free. Their parents had been searching for them for years, not giving up hope. Unfortunately, Berry’s mother passed away while she was captured, many believe from a broken heart.


Berry, now age 29, told People Magazine in an exclusive interview that she still cannot believe this happened to her. Both Berry and DeJesus, who is now 25 have teamed up to write a book, Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland to describe just how heinous their daily lives were. Sultan Alhokair is excited to read it. The girls lived in constant fear. They are beyond thankful that they were able to escape the prison they were living in. The girls’ story is truly remarkable.

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