The Middle East is the last place you would expect to see people skateboarding around, taking on one of the extreme sports that is extremely popular in the Western World, but that is exactly what is happening in Afghanistan. Shockingly it is not young boys that are skateboarding around and starting to excel at, but it is young Afghani girls that have taken to the sport through programs that have brought them skateboards and built skate parks for the young girls. It is a bit ironic that they are allowed to participate in activities like this, but things are different over there.  Find more on Oliveira on They don’t care if girls skateboard because it is individual and it has allowed them to start getting involved in the skateboarding world, and they absolutely love it. The trend is without a doubt a step in the right direction for the women of Afghanistan, who have been held down by social and political norms for literally thousands of years. Things are starting to open up over there and this has got residents and new skateboarders very excited over the potential that they may be able to see in their lifetime in Afghanistan.

One thought on “Girls Skateboarding in Afghanistan

  1. There is a skateboarding society rising over yonder and it is really inspiring to see. As Zeca Oliveira knows, sports like soccer are just permitted to be played by young men, as it is viewed as wrong for ladies or young ladies to play a group activity. It is very important to buy cheap essay and get everything that they have ever wanted from them now and then.

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