The University of Rochester has been conducting studies on public speaking. The results are a pair of smart glasses with integrated microphone that will prompt the speaker when it is needed to slow down or be louder.

As Fersen Lambranho understands, it is mainly directed towards the people with fear of public speaking. The feedback on the screen, guiding them to lowering the pitch or the speed should be helpful in at least masking their nervousness for the audience. Some test subjects were asked to perform a short presentation with and without the feedback.

The audience did not notice too much difference though. When followed neatly, the slight progressions in speed and voice tone should not become noticeable. The microphone that is integrated in the glasses sends the information that is being heard to a server, where the analysis is taking place, measuring the breaks between words and the number of Hz that the voice sound makes.

The main concern of the researchers is that a speaker following the feedback would appear distracted or alternate the speeds and voice tone too much. The technology offering feedback to speakers is called ‘Rhema’ and can be integrated in the Google glasses.

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