As an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and he gives guidance via software development which offers online company planning that benefits new start ups. Business planning can help propel a small enterprise into a successful future. New strategies are also beneficial to traditional businesses that must now compete in a global arena. Previously, he has resided in six different countries. This background gives him insight into global markets. Mr. Wakeman is also an avid writer and investor, and these skills have assisted him with both his current and past positions (


The development of a 5 step performance methodology, which has a track record of proven results, has made him a sought after personality in the business world. The ideas are centered around several important business functions, and these include leadership, risk management, and human capital. The way an organization executes its business plan is also key to success. Adverse conditions also have to be accounted for when there is a decline in revenue. A miscalculation when breaking into an emerging market can cause a temporary setback for both small and large corporations.


Mr. Wakeman has a diverse educational background that has given him a strong foundation in Finance. In 1981, he gained an undergraduate degree from the University of Scranton in Economics and Finance. After completing his Bachelor of Science, he obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. He has had a successful career at many companies, including GE Capital. A keen mind towards business planning and hard work have propelled Mr. Wakeman to higher heights in the business world. He is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.


New ideas are constantly changing the business arena, and Glen Wakeman has stated in interviews that he is open to explaining recently developed concepts to colleagues. Executives at a start up will also often have a different way of doing business that may be a viable business plan. The knowledge to actually bring the company to a strong position in the industry may be lacking for younger professionals. Mr. Wakeman helps to effectively develop executive talent for both new and long standing companies.

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