Republican Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is promoting a bill based on a good idea: Give patients the right to try drugs that haven’t been approved by the FDA, such as drugs approved in other countries that might benefit Americans stated Dan Newlin. This “right to try” bill would allow terminally ill patients to do whatever they can to combat serious illnesses. Similar legislation is also being considered in many states around the United States.

Sadly, the reason for her support of the bill is based on personal benefit rather than compassion. Michele Fiore is the CEO of a healthcare company that will reap rewards from her getting this bill passed.

Worst yet, this bill is where Assemblywoman Fiore’s good ideas end. Fiore believes that all known cancers worldwide are merely fungi that can be washed out of the body with homeopathic treatments that use baking soda as their main ingredient. She supports the idea of teenagers in colleges carrying guns. She was previously removed from her position as the Republican Majority Leader in her area because she has over $1 million in tax liens.

How she has held on to her position as an Assemblywoman boggles the minds of many critics who believe that she does not have the best interests of Nevada citizens at heart. They also feel that she poorly represents the high ideals and best qualities of the people who live in that state.

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