Greg Secker, a devoted father, has enjoyed a career that has taken him in many directions. Greg has enjoyed success as a trader and entrepreneur. He has also embarked on an international speaking journey and has given generously through his namesake and non-profit organization, the Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg’s Resume

Greg Secker has had a long list of duties and responsibilities in the business world both for himself and when working for others. He began his career with Thomas Cook Financial Services before being entrusted with with a leadership position with the newly formed Virtual Trading Desk. VTD made history by becoming the first foreign exchange investment platform online to offer real-time solutions. This allowed investors to receive real-time quotes that precipitated huge foreign exchange transactions. Greg’s career continued to progress and he would find himself working as vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation. It was while working with Mellon that Greg says the knowledge required to power his future endeavors were mastered.

Greg would also go on to invest his time in his own pursuits. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. The projects that operate under the Knowledge to Action umbrella are Learn to Trade, a global trading education company, SmartChartsSoftware, a provider of trading software, Capital Index, A brokerage firm, and Fx Capital, a foreign investment service.

The Foundation

Also under the Knowledge to Action Umbrella is a product near to Greg Secker’s heart. The Greg Secker foundation is a non-profit organization that has committed to making life better for humanity world wide. The foundation was founded in 2010 and provides a focus on education, life skills, and leadership initiatives. The Greg Secker foundation is committed to equipping communities with the necessary knowledge and skill to assure success.

The foundation seeks to change lives through a variety of programs including The Christmas Basket Brigrade, Youth Mentoring Program, and an Early Childhood Developement Program it operates in South Africa.

At home in London, The Foundation supports charities such as Barnardos UK and runs regular events such as Global Tradethons and The Flying Trader Project.

Recently Greg Secker traveled to the Philippines to determine what aid he could give victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The result is the Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project. The project intends to rebuild a community capable of enduring future typhoons.

The continuing work done by the Greg Secker foundation increases awareness to social issues globally and directly contributes to the betterment of the world.