Who wants to deal with payroll taxes, vacation time, social security benefits and all that jazz, certainly not companies that use contract workers. Utilizing workers that are classified as contract workers are a lot less complicated, and much more cost efficient. Cost efficient perhaps, but does it stimulate loyalty, dedication and fairness in the workplace. Many contract workers will say no, however without this classification many people will not have jobs. By this classification existing companies are able to keep their prices lower than the average company and also have more work positions available.

HomeJoy’s owner Ms. Cheung firmly believes that there should be a third classification for employees. According to media, she wishes she could do more for her workers, but due to the current regulatory environment she cannot.
After a series of lawsuits by contract workers and other company challenges HomeJoy decided to file for bankruptcy. Chapter 11 was filed in court in San Jose. The company declined the investments offered to the company. Realizing that even with the current investments they will still be underwater.

Fortunately, not all startup companies are going through bankruptcy. Even though worker reclassification lawsuits are popping up everywhere some firms are able to avoid them. Handy is currently one of the companies that are doing fine. Raising more than $110 million from investors like Fidelity Management the firm is steady and growing.

Handy offers next day availability, a professional worker will appear on your doorstep the very next day. It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee, if a customer is not completely satisfied. Handy’s workers are friendly, experienced professionals that have undergone background checks and are insured. Check out Handy’s convenient app available on iOS and Android.