Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan is making headlines for his ability to turn a truly creative concept into a $500 million business venture. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services based out of New York City currently. Hanrahan was recently interviewed for an article published by The Next Web about his uncanny success in launching Handy and his unique perspective on how to stay ahead of market trends to beat out the competition. Even though Handy has only been in business for three years, it is already dominating the market and looking for ways to expand its operation into more on-demand home services.

Right now, Handy has a staff of 160 actual employees and an additional whopping 10,000 independent contractors, who remain ready to tackle a whole host of handyman requests from customers. Hanrahan says he is confident that this business model will continue to work out well for Handy because it gives independent contractors the freedom to work as their schedule allows, which is perfect for students, working parents or other people with additional jobs. Another source of Handy’s success, according to Hanrahan, is that he chose to base its operations out of New York City. This is a prime location with a constant source of demand for in-home services that Handy independent contractors are able to provide. While Hanrahan already has plans to expand Handy into additional cities in the future, by starting out in New York City, Handy created quite the name and reputation for itself in a very hot market.

Given Handy’s hefty war chest for expansion, including $50 million in cash from investment, it is poised to continue providing a wide variety of services and keep up with its existing customer base. Hanrahan also looks forward to experimenting with new services for Handy to dominate.