There is no doubt about the fact that pet parents are lovers of everything fresh and nutritious for their dogs. Previously, there was a dearth of choice which is why most people chose to feed their dogs fresh food that they prepared themselves. Some people on Facebook however, were resigned to the fact that they will have to do with traditional kibble and maybe add some fresh veggies on top every chance they got. However, most dogs are picky eaters and they rarely choose health over taste (or smell, in the case of dogs). Thankfully, the latest wave of healthy dog food would help satisfy all the pet parents who are concerned about what their dogs eat.

Beneful For Senior DogsPurinastore’s  that owns Beneful has been catering to older dogs that need to take care of their heart. With ‘Bright Minds’, this brand is offering pet parents a recipe that has medium chain triglycerides. It is obtained from coconut oil and the fat is simple for the body of senior dogs to metabolize.

Freshpet For Paleo Dog Food – For pet parents who love the Paleo diet and have greatly benefited from it, Freshpet has a collection of dog food that adheres to this diet.

Purina For Organic Dog Food – Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care so that it could offer its customers organic dog food made from the best and freshest ingredients. Merrick Pet Care is the first brand to focus on organic pet food and it is also certified. After the company introduced its amazing country line for pet food including Pacific Catch and Game Bird, the acquisition was announced.

Milo’s Kitchen For Classic Recipes Dog Food – For recipes like Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, and other favorite, classic human meals turned to dog food, Milo’s Kitchen is the best option.

Colgate Palmolive For Weight Loss Dog Food – For dogs that are gaining weight and become obese, Colgate Palmolive has dog food that would help keep them fit and moving.

With so many options available from both big and small names, pet parents can finally stop worrying about the amount of nutrition that their pooches are getting.