Her First Experience with Water is considered to be one of Austrialian beauty web star, Wengie’s cat videos. It is so titled because the end shows a shot of their smaller cat, Mia’s first experience with exploring the water trickling from their kitchen sink faucet. Wengie said that she’d seen cats play with water like that before but had never seen any of them take to hot water the way that Mia did.

The video also shows various other scenes of Max and Wengie’s routine, including their outing to breakfast at the Two Loaves, Five Fish. There, Wengie gets a latte with a cream in a heart-shape within a circle and her favorite dish, which is the Cholumi with eggs.

One of the major scenes that involves Wengie’s cats is when Wengie unexpectedly receives a Marc Jacobs box in the mail. Mia, the smaller cat is especially intrigued with the black ribbon and jumps on top of the box while Wengie unwraps the black ribbon. Naturally, Wengie lets Mia have the black ribbon while she further opens the box to reveal that she has received three glow sticks made for highlighting the cheek bones. Then while Max surveys the food on their counter with his Nikon camera, Wengie goes to the cats, who are playing with a stick with Nikki, the bigger one, trying to dominate over Mia.

The other scene in the beginning of the video that shows Nikki and Mia is of them wrestling. Again, it looks as if Nikki is trying to dominate Mia.

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