Comedy has been one of the most popular movie genres since the beginning of movie making history. Some titles in the genre are simply a cut above the rest and stand as the funniest movies ever. While everyone you ask will have a differing opinion on the best, there are some that make almost every list.


The Big Lebowski will always be one of the most iconic movies of all time. Generations for years to come will enjoy the delightfully funny tale. While The Big Lebowski was not a box office hit, it grew a huge fan base over time and is now considered a cult classic and one of the greatest movies of all time.


Anchorman, the hilarious movie starring Will Ferrell and a host of other comedians who went on to be wildly successful, was just too ridiculous to not be good. It’s almost shocking that a movie involving a scene where a dog gets punted off a bridge by Jack Black could be such a huge hit.


Office Space may not be the first title that comes to mind, but it certainly is once you’re reminded it exists. Following the shenanigans of a man who is fed up with his menial desk job, some of its scenes surely stand out. Still popular today it lives on in infamy due, in part, to the ever popular meme it generated.

Super Troopers stands as one of the best funny cop movies, and there aren’t a ton that can be classified into that genre.  But the irreverent humor, and hilarious situations make this a must view, and really enhance it’s overall rewatchability.

Happy Gilmore deserves a spot on this list, no matter how we all collectively feel about Adam Sandler. Typical to Sandler’s style, it follows a rather angry slacker who accidentally stumbles upon greatness.