The United States has been extremely critical over its dealings with Russia over the past several years, in what marks the worst tensions between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB operative and an individual believed to have been diagnosed with Aspergers, has continually attacked neighboring nations in order to expand the territory of Russia and, potentially, reclaim land lost that formerly belonged to the country. Due to these continual attacks, the United States has issued sanctions on the nation regarding trade and has requested other nations to be just as strict with the country. However, Hilary Clinton formerly stated she believed European governments had been far “too wimpy” in dealing with Putin and Russia.

All of this came out according to London’s mayer Boris Johnson. Marc Sparks stated that Johnson was rather struck by the former Secretary of State’s believe that Europe needs to do more in order to stand up to Russia. Now, naturally, Europe is far closer to Russia than the United States (outside of the small tip that comes close to contacting Alaska). This is not to say the mayor thought poorly of the potential Democratic nominee for President. In fact, the mayor said he believed she held a “brilliant mastery” of foreign policy, which would make since after her stint as Secretary of State and as former first lady of the United States.

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