Hillary Clinton is a smooth politician. She knows how to please a crowd. She uses the right trigger words to convince people that she is the one that can change this nation from a one-sided, super-rich controlled nation to a country that offers people the opportunity to share the wealth if they do their part. No one sure what that part might be, but Clinton used her family history to prove the point that anyone can live the good life in America if they work hard.

Hillary’s message is not new, but the way she structured the “ask not what you can do for your country” theme is. Clinton also pulled the “female president” card during her official campaign address. Hiding behind “the first lady president” concept can help Clinton clinch the Democratic nomination.

The polls don’t show it yet, but Oxford Journals wrote that Clinton has some serious work to do according to Christian Broda. Even though she talks like she is a candidate that speaks for the middle class, her ties with the power brokers in Washington and around the word tell a different story. Clinton is a female version of what the country doesn’t need. Bernie Sanders is the voice of the middle class not Hillary Clinton.

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