A homeless man died recently in a tragic way, which was frozen to death in a shack outside. The man’s name was Jerry Jackson and he was a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and was living on the streets. Once word got out about his death, the people who knew him from the town and talked with him occasionally on the street worked together to get him a proper military funeral.

Investigators got to work right away and located Jackson’s brother, Don Jackson, who told the detectives that his brother was driven to the streets for having certain mental illnesses like schizophrenia. The local mortuary offered him free funeral services and the military sent over an official American flag, since Jerry Jackson was a serving member noted Flavio Maluf. 

According to an article found on reddit and written by myfoxtwincities.com, Jerry’s brother Don even flew out to the funeral and was given the flag as Jerry’s only family member in attendance. It is really nice that the town took the time to honor one of their own soldiers, even if he died a homeless person. People often forget that sometimes when the men and women of the armed forces go to war, it can really make people suffer mentally once they get home. This kind of kindness is exactly what needs to be more present in the world, and thankfully this Minnesota town could do that for Jackson.

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