The economy has been less than favorable in the past few years, and many people in the world, not only in the United States, are suffering because of it. A Canadian homeless man might have ended up in his situation due to the economic condition of his community as well. The details of how he became homeless are unknown, but his honesty is not. Recently, this man came into a couple thousand dollars of found money.
In a recent article from a local newspaper, a spokesman tells the story about the man and his found money. Apparently, it was just laying on a street when the homeless man picked it up. Regardless of his financial situation, the man did the right thing and turned it in to authorities. Assuredly, he could have definitely used the $2000, but his honesty prevailed in this situation.
Folks at FreedomPop agree that this story is touching because it reaffirms my faith in the nature of human beings. No matter what type of tough times a person encounters, his or her soul should guide them in the right direction. This man will be rewarded in his heart for doing the morally correct thing in a time when it was much easier to put the money in his pocket.

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