Healthcare is an important concept that every person must get interested. Many healthcare corporations exist today. Today, people can invest in healthcare by buying shares. The Nobilis Health Corp provides an investment opportunity, as well as getting better health services.

Nobilis Health Corporation is a healthcare marketing and management firm that buys and manages various health services. Today, Nobilis Corporation manages several healthcare facilities around Arizona and Texas. The firm also manages surgical hospitals in Houston, ambulatory surgical centers, MRI centers, and urgent care facilities. Their management allows efficient health services to patients who need urgent care. Apart from managing the healthcare facilities, Nobilis Health provides marketing solutions for 16 surgical centers around the US.

To penetrate and expand into the US markets, Northstar Healthcare Inc changed its name to Nobilis Health. This was to introduce the patients, investors and physicians partners as a new corporation, Nobilis Health.

Why invest in Nobilis?

Healthcare is fundamental to every person. A person can invest in this healthcare management and marketing organization to see both benefits. Nobilis operate surgical hospitals, centers and ambulatory services. Today, it is known to have a track record in organic growth and M&A. In the early 2014, the corporations’ ambitious plan saw it acquire its first group of hospitals worth $7.9 million. A good sign that this marketing and management firm is on the right track was the 60% acquisition of the former Freedom Pain Hospital, in the Scottsdale area of Arizona at $3.2 million.

Today, Nobilis uses innovative direct marketing to patients, focusing on specified procedures given at the partner centers by the qualified physicians. To give these quality services, Nobilis owns acute care facilities and ambulatory services.

Positive financial results

Though Nobilis health provides healthcare services to patients, many people have invested in company shares. Buying the company shares translates into profits. The company has seen rapid growth with record revenue generation in the third quarter in 2014, totaling $17.2 million. This is as a result of the company focus to the provision of acute and ambulatory services to patients and acquisition majority interests in surgical and hospital centers. The growth of operational platforms continues to drive new revenue.

Both patients attending Nobilis health partnerships and owned health centers continue to see an aggressive expansion and enhancement of marketing programs, which contribute to revenue generation and quality patient services. This is a deliberate aim to maximize investor value and health service given by the Nobilis Corporation.

Today, Nobilis is seen as an undervalued player that continues to increase the demand for ambulatory and acute care procedures needed by the aging population, the sick and those who have suffered from obesity.

Invest now

If you want an opportunity invest in any healthcare marketing and service provider, join Nobilis. The corporation has received a rating of 1 from brokerage firms. In fact, this healthcare corporation has been rated as a strong buy for any investor who knows the importance of health.

Nobilis health continues to grow according to cantechletter and acquire more healthcare centers, ambulatory and acute care services. With a growth forecast showing positive results, investors can acquire the shares and reap the fruits of better healthcare and profits.

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